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Germany, located in Central Europe, is officially known as The Federal Republic of Germany and is the second largest populous country in Europe. German trade is in agreement with the guidelines of the European Union (EU) and German businesses generate one-third of their income from overseas trade. The first largest trading partner of Germany is France and the second largest is the United States. Natural resources from Germany include coal, lignite, natural gas, iron ore, copper, nickel, uranium, potash, salt, construction materials, arable land and timber.

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Economy of Germany


Fiscal Year

01 January - 31 December




$1.133 Trillion


$916.4 Billion

Main Industries

iron, steel, coal,cement, chemicals,machinery, vehicles,machine tools,electronics,shipbuilding, textiles,food and beverages

Export Goods

machinery, vehicles,chemicals, foodstuffs,textiles, metals and manufactures.

Import Goods

machinery, vehicles,chemicals, foodstuffs,textiles and metals.